For the benefit of all members, please respect the following rules. Break these simple rules and your posts could be deleted without warning, continue breaking these rules and you could be banned off the forums.

1) No fighting, no racism, no personal attacks, no flaming, no Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content and no sexism. Our aim is to make a positive community so please keep it nice on the forum. If you feel the need to say something negative about someone consider sending them a private message instead of posting it in public. If you can't stand somebody you can add them to your "ignore list".

Please remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion but if you can't express your opinion in a polite and civil manner then keep your opinions to yourself.

2) No SMS/TXT style language - For the benefit of the entire forum you are expected to make an effort with your spelling and grammar.

3) Absolutely no organisation of cruises.

4) Avatars, signatures and images:
- Please keep them clean. IE: Nothing that would be considered NSFW.
- No animated gifs
- Commercial advertising in signatures is forbidden - signatures can and will be edited by VWG moderators without prior warning.

5) Classifieds are for personal sales only. You can only post items for sale once you have made 50 posts. Commercial entities should contact a moderator for trading rates.

6) Please respect forum as they support us. If you have an issue with a forum sponsor, please contact a moderator before posting your issue on the forum.

Community Blog Rules

1. Follow the forum rules (See above)
2. Safe for work content
3. No commercial posts (unless you are a forum sponsor)

If I find blog posts that I deem to be inappropriate, they will be deleted without warning.

Forum are allowed to contribute to threads outside of their trading room but the promotion and selling of their commercial items and/or services is restricted to their own trading room.