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  1. Recode, Staged and Custom Remaps
  2. GTI, R and S3 Tuning with Stage 1 hardware
  3. Mk4 GTI Custom remap
  4. Intercooler
  5. A long overdue 2012/2013 update
  6. Audi A4 Quattro B7 stage 1 tune
  7. Audi S3 DSG Limited Edition
  8. Heading over to WA later this month for some tunes and DSG remaps
  9. Map Switching and more for ME7 and MED9 ECU's in testing phase :)
  10. Audi S3 DSG
  11. Audi S3 Multimap switching with user programmable Launch Control & Antilag :)
  12. DSG tuning coming..........finally
  13. TDI's Tuning well underway...
  14. 118TSI Tuning
  15. VW Golf MK7 GTI (220PS) & Golf MK7 R (300PS) Superchips release
  16. Audi S3 Full K04 Tune with WMI
  17. Tuning in Perth, 7th-11th September
  18. Polo 9N3 Revlimit tuned.........
  19. Downpipes /Dump pipes for A3,S3,GTI5,GolfR,Pirelli
  20. Mk6 GTI stage2 Tune
  21. Audi A4 CTS K04 Kit
  22. Superchips / Bluefin releases...
  23. Tuning in Perth, 8th till the 12th April
  24. DSG Tuning Update
  25. Audi S38V and VW GTI and Mk7R End user programming devices
  26. Asgard Engineering downpipe (Mk5,6 GTI and R +A3,S3 8P ....and others
  27. Recode Stage 1 and 2 "stacked" JB tunes
  28. Perth Tuning trip coming up (approx 10/3/17~20/3/17)
  29. Big Turbo work...... on hold indefinitely :(
  30. Central coast trip (NSW)
  31. Upcoming trips EOI ...........
  32. MQB Platform DSG updates
  33. Who do we work with ............
  34. What gear do we use
  35. Audi RS3 co tuned with Mabotech