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Sky Performance
06-07-2014, 08:04 PM

I want to thank you Justin Fox and the moderators of this fine forum for allowing Sky Performance to be a sponsor and to be part of this wonderful VW community. Today is a soft launch for Sky Performance as we continue to build our online presence and hope to secure a physical presence also in the coming short months. With this said, please allow me to formally introduce to you Sky Performance.

Sky Performance is a new up-start firm specialising in the supply of aftermarket performance parts for european car marques for the Australian market. Sky Performance are car enthusiasts and have experienced some of the best aftermarket products the world has to offer. Our portfolio ranges from supercharger and turbo charger kits, un-compromised suspension and handling (S&H) coil over systems, beautifully hand crafted exhaust systems, CAD engineered body kits that enhances a car’s physique. Strong and discerning forged wheels, and in some cases quiet aftermarket details that tells the world, this is my car and this is my taste.

It matters not if your car palete is subtle or eccentric, Sky Performance can provide our customers both and within the selection process, Sky Performance will ensure you receive the best customer experience. This is our mission statement and this is what drives us.

Sky Performance have strong collaborations with a German based firm who have very close ties with European Aftermarket Power Houses with relationships that touches 200 vendors globally.

Sky Performance also have close collaboration with a Sydney based automotive installer of aftermarket tuning parts for more than a decade who we may add, has been responsible for Sky Performance show case cars today.

Another collaboration effort with a Sydney based body shop firm who is also responsible for Sky Performance body enhancement show case cars from painting to body work. The body shop also uses German paints which lends peace of mind.

Sky Performance believes in our motto “One at a time”. You are a customer, not a number and as such your customer experience with us, will reflect this. Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/skyperformance
Phone numbers: M: 0414 512 880 , L: Coming Soon
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @skyperformanceaustralia
Twitter: @skyperformance7

Sky Performance
06-07-2014, 08:07 PM
Sky Performance is also pleased to announce that we are officially a;

1. C2 Motorsports Dealer
2. TVS Engineering Dealer
3. Authorised re-seller of Kerscher Tuning Parts
4. HGP Turbo partner with complete access to HGP's performance products

Please keep an eye out on our trading room as we bring more information regarding our product portfolio for these strong power houses.