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27-10-2016, 08:31 AM
Hi Guys,

I have a permanent residents visa for me and my family and we are looking to move to outside melbourne this january.

I really really want to bring my 1983 MK1 Golf GTi Campaign G60 16V with us but i am looking at the feasibility/cost in doing this plus the MOT test required once the car comes off the boat.

The importer seems to think because it got the G60 16v engine in and 3 inch stainless etc installed i will really struggle to get it because they do not like modded cars and noisy cars that struggle to pass the AUS equivalent of our MOT test ?.

It will sale through the MOT here and having just been restored the underneath,arches etc are spotless as is the car.

Just really need advice on whether it will get through the test or not, i know it will cost around 5000-6000 dollars but need to know if i shell out it well get in.

Really cannot wait to get out there and buzzing around in my car will put the icing on the cake.

PS. whats a MK1 Campaign fetching out there as this may influence the decision also



27-10-2016, 02:10 PM
It's properly hard work bringing in anything modified. All the states are different. Australia is like 7 separate countries. A good friend of mine brought over a turbo mk1 he built with standalone. He went to Adelaide and had to get it all engineered, to the point of renting an airfield for the engineer to test the brakes and do lane change tests and all kinds of madness.

If you're really attached to it I'd say stay in the UK. LOL

Otherwise, bring it and be prepared to jump through hoops........

sports racer
22-12-2016, 06:30 PM
There are several 16v MK1's here (I'm building one too) so that shouldn't be a problem. 3 inch exhaust won't be an issue. G60, you'll need an engineer to pass but shouldn't be any harder than getting a 1.8 20vt through rego and there's a few of them around too.

It depends on the engineer you choose and some of them are as useful as flyscreen on a submarine.

Bring it with you, take off all the mods, get it through rego then find an engineer who likes old Golfs (there are a few out there) to approve your modifications.

You have to bring it over. There aren't enough MK1 Golfs here and you'll kick yourself for not bringing it. Yes you'll have to jump through hoops but none of them are insurmountable.