View Full Version : FS: High end car audio amplifier - 2 channel

18-02-2011, 12:31 PM
Item: US Amps AXTU600c Valve/Tube hybrid
Location: Western Sydney
Item Condition: Unused, still in box
Price: PM me a reasonable offer, RRP was over $1500 from memory.
Will consider swaps for wheels, coilovers to suit MK6 R.

This is not an ordinary amp,
It has a Tube input stage, and current sync drive output.
USAmps mention this drives output by current, as opposed to voltage.
The intention is to retain the purity of the valve input, without the clinical sound of traditional solid state output.
(i have the US Amps released document which explains this a little better)

2X 165WRMS @4ohm
2X 300WRMS @ 2ohm
1 X 600WRMS @ 1ohm

Takes 1awg power input and 8awg speaker outputs.

I don't actually want to sell it, but i need to run a 3 way front stage active, I need minimum 6 channels
would love to have it's 4 channel brother the AXTU4360c, but these are now discontinued.

Pictures:the smaller amp is the one for sale, i'm keeping the big one to power my sub
protective film has not yet been removed. (it makes the perspex bottom appear milky, but it's not!)