View Full Version : is it a good idea to get a mk1 gti?

30-05-2012, 11:57 PM
i live in sydney and im on my green P's. was also wondering if it would be sensible for me to have it as my only car or if its likely to break down all the time. i really like them but if it is going to break down allot or cost me heaps just to run then i will probably look at a different golf (any thoughts on what golf's you would recommend would be appreciated :) ) I am probably starting a mechanics apprenticeship soon so i was hoping i could learn a bit from working on it

does anyone know where would be the best place to look for one?

thanks >D

31-05-2012, 06:16 AM
It depends on the car you get and its history. one that has been well cared for should be no more troublesome than any other car. spend a bit more for a good car than buying a bunker. classic car mags are in news shops with cars for sale. they normally are the better cars and the book is full of car ads.

Mr Scruff
31-05-2012, 09:15 AM
MK1's are generally quite reliable. They are very simple cars to work on if it does break and parts are cheap and easy to come by. Engines will be either a 1.6 petrol (carby) or 1.6 diesel on a stock. A lot of people have swapped later 2.0 8v or 16v engines in, these cars will be fast and fun but will be more temperamental.
I'd be more wary of rust issues, the condition of the body is something you'll have to really look out for. Rust is way more expensive and harder to fix than mechanical issues.

Classic car mags won't hold much fruit for MK1's, you're better off looking at forums (vwwatercooled.org.au), ebay, carsales and guntree. Be patient and the right one will pop up, there are plenty of 'one lady owner, only driven to the shops' cars out there. Good luck >D