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  • Thankyou!

    It's been an amazing journey setting up Seeing how we are today has made me realise how proud I am of what we have become as a forum community in the little time that it has been running (Feb 2010!). The community is not only a Volkswagen Golf enthusiast forum but it's become a place where friends are made, experiences and knowledge shared, a marketplace and a place to voice an opinion. Of course we have had our bumps in the road here and there but it's all a learning experience and things can only get better from here on with the time and effort put in.

    I would like to thank the community for being patient with me while I upgrade the forum software. I thank you for all the support and encouragement and I hope to see you around soon

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    1. balmzgti11's Avatar
      balmzgti11 -
      Lovely work from Justin and Christina. Never been apart of an online community where everyone is accepted so quickly and in such a friendly manner! Keep up the good work and deciding if I was going to support this forum was a no brainer! Cheers!
    1. shakespeare's Avatar
      shakespeare -
      You're both very welcome, thank you as well for setting up, running and maintaining this community!

      Great Work
    1. Jig's Avatar
      Jig -
      All the hard work paying off. Big love Christina and Justin sweety.
    1. markwid's Avatar
      markwid -
      Big thumbs up Christina (and Justin)!This is THE VW/Golf forum to be in. The online stuff is great but I think the events and meets really bring people together!XOXO
    1. Neo-Orpheus's Avatar
      Neo-Orpheus -
      Best Forum ever!
    1. Justin Fox's Avatar
      Justin Fox -
    1. minix3's Avatar
      minix3 -
      Won't load for me