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Thread: Thinking of putting wheels on your MK1? Post your questions & suggestions here.

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    Thinking of putting wheels on your MK1? Post your questions & suggestions here.

    If you are new to the whole modifying game and want to fit new wheels to your MKI please post your questions & suggestions here instead of starting a new thread.

    Also if you have any tips or experience in fitting wheels of any size to your MKI please feel free to share your experience here.


    Basic info
    The PCD (stud pattern) for all MKI's is 4x100
    The centre bore is 57.1mm
    Base offset is around +40 depending on the model.

    What is offset?
    The back spacing from the hub surface to the rim of the wheel.

    What wheels will fit?
    Any wheel with a 4x100 stud pattern up to 16 inch will fit. Wheel sizes between 13-16 will look the best. Any width up to 7 inches will fit without problems but any wider and you'll need to alter the car.

    Spacers & Adapters
    If you want to fit wheels with a different stud pattern you will need adapters. Spacers are used to space the wheel out from the hub to make it appear wider.

    For inspiration & visualisation
    To give others an idea of what a particular wheel set-up looks like, post a picture of your car and the following details;

    Model of car:
    Model of Wheel:
    Suspension type and height:
    Rolling/fender mod/pulling of guards:
    Additional camber:
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