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Thread: Water Injection Setup for Golf R

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDZ007 View Post
    Yeah i couldnt get enough angle to get to the bolts with the stiff 1/4 extension... maybe a fexi joint would of been better.
    it is possible to remove the throttle body from underneath the car without using a flexi joint. i did this recently so i could get access to the bolt holding the intake manifold support bracket...

    it is a lengthy process though and patience is required in abundance, good luck...

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    I was under the car.. took the throttle body pipe out and still no luck. Like i said the angle on the back bolts were just to hard to get to..

    Looks like ill have to take it to a pro to get sorted.. oh well, i did try. At least i managed to get one nozzle in the bottom of the throttle body pipe.. hahaha

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