According to Mark Twain, golf is but a good walk spoiled. Indeed, golf has been the sport of the elite and the rich for many decades. Today, this sport is practically enjoyed by everyone who would want to tee off eighteen holes for fun. In 2005, there are approximately 32,000 golf courses around the world, and around half of which is located in US alone. Golf resorts in Asia took off around mid '80s in People's Republic of China, and from then on, the number of countries with high class professional golfers continued to grow at a steady pace, especially in East Asia. After which, the rest was golf history.

Golf is generally played in a vast area of land, constructed to fit golf play. This is also known as the golf course. A course is comprised of a series of holes, each consisting of a teeing area, the fairway, rough and other hazards, and the green with the pin and cup. A conventional golf course has eighteen holes, but many golf courses have only nine. Today, the demand for luxury golf courses has increased, and this led to further development of luxury resorts that cater to golfers and highlights integrated golf courses indonesia. In line with this, golf resorts in Asia is making its way to become one of the best and sought out golf resorts, along with all the other continents around the world.

We can say that golf resorts in Asia may be different when it comes to the design of the golf course, but this holds true only if certain environmental or weather conditions apply. Moreover, golf course designers such as Robert Trent Jones II have been designing effective and luxurious courses that every golfer insists in playing. To date, there are about 70 golf courses that are considered as the finest in the Asian continent, and 21 of which are seen in the land down under (Australia).

From Japan's Hokkaido Golf Club to Indonesia's Ria Bintan Golf Club, golf resorts in Asia truly provide world class quality when it comes to golf play. This goes hand in hand also with top class customer service, amenities, and most especially good food for the hungry golfers. These services are intertwined to make the golfer's stay as peaceful as their game. Compared with the other golf courses in the world, these resorts in Asia really boasts of clean cut grass beyond the sunset, with the wind kissing each golfer's face, not to mention the breathtaking sights that serve as the background for the course. But nevertheless, world class golf resorts in Asia or anywhere around the world has their jewel to enjoy.