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Thread: Introducing ABT Sportsline Australia

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    Introducing ABT Sportsline Australia

    Recently launching in Australia & New Zealand we'd like to offer members an introductory 10% discount on all chip tunes. For a limited time only.

    Contact us on 02 9045 3696, send an email to [email protected] or visit our website

    For those of you new to ABT, here's a brief introduction to our company and products.

    Who is ABT Sportsline?

    ABT Sportsline is the world's leading tuner of vehicles produced by the Volkswagen Group. Founded in Germany over 100 years ago, ABT's distribution network now expands worldwide, providing high quality, premium components for German engineered/manufactured vehicles.

    ABT product categories include improved engine performance via chip tuning, brake, exhaust and suspension upgrades, body kits, sport wheels and interior components. See our website for detailed information.

    All of our products are German engineered and made in Germany to the highest standards, the same standards that your VW or Audi is engineered/manufactured to. This is one of many reasons we are the world's market leader and chosen Motorsport Partner of Audi Sport, also racing under Audi's name in the DTM (German Touring Car Championship) and proving to be the most successful DTM team of all time.

    ABT Engine Control - New Generation Chip Tuning

    Engine modifications we offer for VW & Audi consist of a separate ABT Engine Control Unit, which takes over the functions of the standard ECU unit. A much more sensible approach than other chip tuning products currently offered on the market, our tune can be reversed if required and won't change the existing hardware of your car as other products can.

    ABT customers who had bought a tune from competitive brands in the past, often complained their car had became jerky and unpleasant to drive, some opting to switch off the tune altogether. This is not the case with an ABT tune. Your car will still drive as a VW or Audi should, smoothly only now with more power and acceleration.

    What about Service & Warranty?

    Your vehicle can continue to be serviced by your VW or Audi dealership or licensed repairer. Even updates are no problem as the standard ECU will not be changed. So no need to remove the tune before bringing your vehicle in for servicing as with other products on the market.

    ABT invests considerable time and money in the development of its products, ensuring that all modifications made to a vehicle remain entirely within its capability and tolerance, including all components affected by a power enhancement. For this very reason, we perform countless quality and safety checks to ensure the life of your vehicle is not cut short or compromised in any way.

    All tunes are properly developed by our engineers in Germany at one of the biggest dyno facilities in Europe and tested on German autobahns, to ensure all affected components can handle the additional power and you can enjoy your vehicle without worrying about any long term consequences.

    Unlike other tuners we even offer to take over the remaining manufacturer's warranty on your engine and entire drivetrain for up to 2 years or 100,000 km.

    Why an ABT tune?

    • German engineered / German made quality
    • We take over manufacturer's warranty
    • Products are independently certified by German company (TÜV)
    • Vehicles can still be serviced and updated
    • Tuning is reversible, no change to existing hardware
    • Own Can-Processor which takes advantage of the built in sensors
    • No increase in fuel consumption
    • Easy installation, no expensive hours on the dyno required

    ABT Product Categories

    • Engine technology / Chip Tuning
    • Aerodynamics / Complete Body Kits or Individual components
    • Exhaust Technology
    • Suspension Upgrades
    • Brake Upgrades
    • Sport Wheels
    • Interior Components & Accessories

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