There is no doubting the new Lamborghini Huracán is quite the looker. Inside, the influences from the Aventador are very evident. Aircraft Cockpit style switches, toggles, buttons, and controls and beautifully stitched alcantara and leather to the state of the art instrument display!

602HP V10, 0-100 in less than 3 seconds. Accentuated angular lines, stealth looking from the front.. this Lamborghini definitely possesses a severe yet elegant appeal. What more needs to be said, stunning car! But moving on...

As it seems unusual that we are detailing a brand new exotic or supercar, it unfortunately is not uncommon these days that we come across quite a few beautiful cars in many makes and models that have a few ‘flaws’ that need attention, some more than others as well.

This LP610-4 Huracán came to Car Care Products for a minor correction (after inspection) and Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ Paint Coating. Upon arrival and after a thorough wash with the RUPES LED Swirlfinder Pen Light and other LED & Halogen Lights in our Detailing Bay. We found that the paint had evident spider webbing (usually from incorrect washing techniques, or this case - the dealership!), light to medium marring and adhesive residue throughout the paint.

Paintwork was corrected with the RUPES LHR15 and RUPES LHR75 with combination of the RUPES UHS Pads, UHS Polish and also other RUPES Pads to get achieve the results that we were happy with!

The Interior leather was cleaned with Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner and Protected with Gyeon Leathercoat whilst the Alcantara was protected with Gyeon Fabricoat(soon to be available to purchase).

Glass also received some attention with Gyeon View applied to all glass surfaces. The windscreen receiving a quick glass polish for removal of any water staining & contaminants to ensure best visibility. Gyeon View offers 12+ months of water, dirt and contaminant repellency.

Wheels and Calipers were protected and sealed with Gyeon Rim, which will offer a high temperature and chemical resistance for long lasting protection, and of course will result in easier ongoing maintenance and cleaning.

A big thank you also noted for Nick from Mann Detailing who attended our Gyeon Training and applied the coating with Lukasz on this Lamborghini Huracán.

Mann Detailing in Perth are now a Gyeon Accredited Detailer who can offer Gyeon Paint Protection, Interior Protection and other detailing services you need.

Gyeon Paint Protection Application is now available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other Cities/States shortly to follow.

Our process in was the following for those who are interested;

Snow Foam soak with Mint APC & Mint Snow Foam to help release any dirt on the surface
• Thorough high pressure rinse to remove all surface dirt, road film and grime
• Gyeon Iron to safely and effectively remove any hidden iron and fallout that lies within the paint
• Secondary pressure rinse by a full fine grade clay bar treatment to remove contaminants from the paintwork and glass.
• Wheels were also decontaminated with Gyeon Iron and cleaned with an acid-free wheel cleaner
• Arches/inner linings cleaned with 1Z Einszett W99 to remove any road film, tar, dirt and debris
• Vehicle was dried with a Blower (further details to follow soon for the release of these!)
• Paint gauge used to check all panels as per routine to ensure nothing had been painted and we were aware of paint depth before any work was carried out.
RUPES Swirl Finder LED Pen used to check paintwork condition
• 2 – 3 stage correction to remove imperfections and swirl marks whilst adding a little more gloss to the paints finish. Final inspection of paintwork and wheels with final wipe down with surface preparation spray.
• Application of Gyeon MOHS+ Paint Protection
• All Glass protected with Gyeon View
• Leather protected with Gyeon Leathercoat
• Alcantara & Upholstery protected with Gyeon Fabricoat. (to be released shortly!)

Thanks for taking the time to look.


Glass Polishing from Gyeon View Kit being used