Hi everyone. Selling my canon L lens. Comes with everything in the box. Only ever used the bare lens and lens hood.
Purchased Jan 2014
Has genuine Hoya HD uv filter since day one.
Camera house catalog has brand new for $2699 but you can get them slightly cheaper.
I brought this lens on a spur of the moment thinking I would get into action photography and never did. I've only used it about 10 times. Would have been used for max 500 shots. Comes packaged in original case and plastic bags.
Asking $2100

Canon 60d and sigma 18-200
$500 with the lense
$600 buy themselves
Use as a backup body if you plan on throwing the L on a more serious camera.

Sirui p-326 Carbon monopod and t-025 tripod.
$200 with the camera and lense
$250 by themselves.

I also have 2 capture Clips and a couple of capture camera straps.
$150 with the lense, camera and tripods or $175 seperate.

Will throw in a nifty fifty lense to whoever buys the L series.

$2950 for the lot

Thanks guys

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