For those who aren't already aware, Car Care Products have been holding Detailing Clinics for quite some years now which in short is a hands-on half day going through the basics of Car Detailing. Originally only available in Sydney we are now holding these in Perth, Brisbane and also Melbourne and thankfully being booked out every month.

If you're keen on learning the proper way to maintain and care for your paintwork than a Detailing Clinic is something you should consider. For those who have paint protection this also includes you, no excuses because your protection still can and will wear off and needs maintenance!

These days suit both the complete amateur and even intermediate as we do cover everything from Clay Barring / Paint Decontamination right across to Machine Polishing (with a DA RO Polisher such as the DAS6/Pro and RUPES Bigfoot Polishers) and of course general washing maintenance and interior care.

For those who seek Professional Training don't worry, we also offer a few courses for all detailing business types - however you will need to contact us for specifics so please do so via email.

As mentioned, these clinics are held in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

We kick off at 9am until about 1pm with some lunch and drinks included.

Brief of what we go through on the day;

- Safe washing and drying including the 2 Bucket Wash Method

- Clay bar cleansing & paint decontamination

- Hand Polishing (vs machine polishing)

- Machine Polishing with the DAS6, DAS6 Pro and 15mm Orbital Dual Action Polishers / RUPES Bigfoot

- Waxing and sealing paintwork

- Interior care, maintenance and protection including both for leather and upholstery interiors

- Snow Foaming! Learn about pre-rinse snow foaming and how it can benefit your paintwork in your wash routine

Just remember the day is hands on! So the idea is for you to learn and leave with a little bit more knowledge and experience.

More info and to book see here:

Sydney Detailing Clinic
Melbourne Detailing Clinic
Brisbane Detailing Clinic
Perth Detailing Clinic

For any further details give us call, email or PM.

[email protected] / 1300 006 007