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Thread: DSG Tuning Update

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    Updating things a bit.
    I've always been interested to see how our own files compare with other offerings around at the moment, you have to do this or you risk being left behind plus at times it lets you see how far ahead you are too .
    Here's a bit of an example of how we are working with the new MQB TCU's.

    This is Just a shot of some of the maps that I would normally edit, this is only one page of course. There are maps for each gear transition in both D and S modes as well as dozens of others for eco mods, tiptronic etc

    Heres one of the maps that we would edit, its a D mode gear upshift map, as you can see every cell has been altered and we do this to make the transition between gears smooth, you don't want things thumping into the next gear incorrectly and the stock values are just a bit low - that's why you want a remap in the first place.
    (Note, some data is altered here because this one is stuffed up badly by some places)

    Example of a competitors offering - same map. Note that ONLY the very right hand four cells are modified and this theme continues throughout the rest of the file but really only say 15 tables are modified all up. I could do this for a customer in 15 minutes from scratch without never having any experience with this TCU
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