Was just wondering if I could get the general thoughts about the car from people who own the car or know others who own it as I am planning to buy one mid next year, I know its a bit early but I've fallen in love with this car. I love the look, the sound and how the car is basically an icon for older hatches, especially in Australia considering the car is pretty rare. I am having trouble trying to find info to answer my questions about the car and came here, these are the questions:

1. How are the servicing and repair costs of the car? What am I looking at in terms of long-term costs? I am pretty flexible with this, mostly just curious.

2. How is the reliability of the car, what should I expect to fuck up and have to repair with +100k km on the clock?. How accessible are the prices and how cheap are they? I assume most of these would be bought online.

3. How do the cops handle this car in AUS because of how loud the exhaust is? I am a p-plater so I am wondering what kind of attention this will bring, even though I don't really care.

4. When I go to inspect a car, what should I look out for and if I go long distances to get the car e.g. Melbourne from Sydney, do you think it would be fine to drive it for like 8 hours? Any experiences with long trips in this car?

5. Overall, the car looks fucking amazing and I can't wait to most likely purchase it, just want to get as much information as possible to know what I am getting into. Also how much should I be aiming for in terms of purchase price? I assume this would be around 20k for a R32 with around 120k?