Hey guys streetelenent in Sydney have a variety of weathershields and windvisors for a variety of VW vehicles listed below:

1:GOLF Hatchback : MK3-MK7
2.POLO 4Door : 00-08 4th and 09-16 5th
3.Tiguan (SUV) : 07-15 and 16-on
4.Beetle: 98-10 and 11-on
5.Scirocco: 08-on

A rep from the company has advised that they could do a group buy discount in the following way:
price range is unit price/10sets/20sets/50sets per model. For example Golf MK5/MK6 RRP is $75. 10sets/$65, 20sets/$60, 50sets/$55.

If people are interested I'm happy to get more information regarding prices for other models. Silly me only asked for mk6 model golfs

There's a link to their eBay ad for the mk6 ones if you wanna check it out