Hi all.

My check engine light came on. Checked it on vagcom - misfire on cylinder 3. Replaced the plugs, the leads and the ignition coil. Didnt help with the CE light. Came on after about a day after being reset.

The yellow oil light then came on. I stopped, checked the oil and it was at a decent level, not under filled. I then topped it up to max. CE light went out! Whats up with that? Check on Vagcom, cleared the old codes, drove for a couple of days and no CE light.

Then a few days ago, CE light came back on - same issue - misfire cylinder 3. About a day later, the yellow oil light came on again.

Same story, oil was still at a decent level, topped up to max, CEL gone!

Any help on this one??

Mk4 2.0 2002 GTi.