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Thread: Recode Stage 1 and 2 "stacked" JB tunes

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    Recode Stage 1 and 2 "stacked" JB tunes

    Due to the number of people who have asked about this we've released a solid basefile which will allow users to reliably 'stack' a Burger Motorsports JB1 or JB4 tune box on top of our own stage 1.5 level-ish file. We've modified the file to fix any torque limitations, keep AFR's at a safe (around .82 lambda) and minimise engine knock at higher boost levels and elsewhere. CEL's wont appear for downpipes either although the JB will have the ability to delete this too.
    This gives the user the ability to go a bit further than what we would normally accommodate which is useful if they are in remote location or have fitted additional hardware, running different fuels or WMI or they simply want to have a bit of input into how their car will perform.

    If you have any concerns then this product is probably not for you but its there for those that choose to go down this path and yeah it works

    (We haven't tested this with other brands of tuneboxes/interceptors and don't intend to at this stage)
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