My whip

Hi guys,
This has been a long time in the making as I've had this product for little over 2 months now.

Current suspension mods:
Whiteline rsb set on hard
Whiteline ALK
xb brace
Ub brave
Superpro torque arm insert

I really have a love hate relationship with this car. Always thinking of selling and upgrading but always end up convincing myself that this 'next mod' will make it perfect.
The front swaybar was a result of doing every common suspension/chassis upgrade, bar springs and shocks.
After lots of research i was convinced that this was going to be the final puzzle piece--the missing link that was going to give me the balance of a true racecar. Well....

I purchased this product for $280 from Mrt and opted to get it professionally installed by Pedders for the sum of $260 dollars.
Total of $540
After doing much research, many Americans said that they prefered it on medium or hard setting. So i instructed the installer to keep it on medium so i can decide if i liked it or not.

I've had my fair share of dramas with the whiteline rsb and their so called 'grease free bushings'. Atm I am regreasing my rsb every 6 months after painful creaking and sqeaking. Before i installed my front sway i complained to whiteline and they noted that it was a bad batch and they even sent me a new pair of bushes. So i never assumed i would have the same issue with the bushings seeing as they cited a bad batch over 2 years ago.

After getting into my car for the first time after install, to my relief, i immediately noticed a tougher steering feel--which was in desperate need after getting a numb feeling following the install of my potenza re002 (shite). However my dreams were shattered 10m down the road after going over a speed hump. DREADED CREAKING AND SQEAKING--the pain. Grease free bullshit bushes. Imagine what i had to tell the misses. Its hard enough lieing about all these 'services' as is, the car creaked bad for 2 months
It was clearly a crap day as i couldn't get rid of a flat tyre warning light and my divertor valve seemed to have shit itself a few days later. I wanted to torch the car and go cry myself to sleep

Besides everything else the car seemed to turn better and hold grip for longer. It has benefited most around high speed corners and even shown an improvement in tight ones like round abouts. A step forward in balacing the car but still not the missing link between front and rear. Its flatter in the corners but still didnt give me that "body roll gone' feel that i had when i did swaybars on my silvia s15

After finding some free time in the holidays i ended up fitting a new divertor valve and greasing the front bushes. Took 1.5hrs to remove them, grease and return. I also put it on the hardest setting while i was there.

The worst thing about the bushes are that they are not designed for grease so they have no grooves or pockets so ill be needed to grease these every so months. Biggest pain in the ass.

My impressions on hard setting:
Prior to the front sway install i felt a vagueness from the front as the rear was stiff with bars and braces.
After putting the bar on medium it felt more neutral but still not enough. Now on hard, the rear feels vaque and the front is stiff. Its a good feeling but has again upset the balance. The tyres now squeal easy around corners and i feel like the fronts are working together now. Ultimately i feel more positives than negatives on hard

Final verdict:
Ive spent over 1600 in total for these suspension and chassis mods, beating around the bush to avoid getting springs and shocks because i like a comfy ride.
Its true, the ride is good but i feel like i have a miss matched set up and if i had my time again i would have just gone with a decent coilover set up and not touched anything else.


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