Firstly, gr8 to become a junior member of this illustrious brotherhood of the Golf...

By introduction template specs, my name is Chris.
My troublesome little ride is a Mk4 1'6 SR, fairly standard with leather and central locking and only 85K kms.
I hail from Melbourne

I have been lurking for a bit trying to resolve many issues with this vehicle but found no satisfactory answers,
surprising really since I've researched the living daylights out of every blog on the inter-web...

I will make another post in the mk1v forum to explain specifics and get that particular ball rolling.

For a bit of personal background I'm 52 and a mech engineer, I have a constantly changing fleet of cars and currently own a Toyota 86 a Honda Accord and aforementioned troublesome Golf along with a couple of motorcycles.
I repair and install machinery (printing) so I am constantly travelling to customer sites, over Melbourne, Australia and occasionally internationally.
I have leased some amazing Golfs so was always keen to get one for myself, really a bit shellshocked with the many issues.

I drive the Accord daily as its so comfortable, I really should get a Hilux or something as the boot is full of tools, its an inexpensive car and gr8 in the daily grind of traffic. I have however pledged to give it to my son who turns 18 in the next week and has his sights set on getting his licence asap.
So I figured I need another work vehicle

I often buy cheap vehicles with issues to re-sell because I can always get them sorted, so...
I bought the Golf ???

I am a contributor to a few other forums and hope I can give more than I take in the long run, my experience tells me that the same questions re-occur time and again to people with greater and lesser degrees of experience and to all those people responses are hugely appreciated.
I'm not a bad teacher but can only repeat things twice before I lose patience so I can fully sympathise with the more advanced illuminati herein reserving their pearls of wisdom within the posts i've read thus far.

Quick snapshot, have fixed engine issues and intermittent speedo however have been peeved that I can't connect a code reader and still have central locking issues.
I currently have 13v on K line.. I've disconnected every module and have the damn thing near disassembled but can't find why for the life of me.
Yes I know there are many posts dedicated to the topic but they all cover the aftermarket radio shizz,
I have the aftermarket Votex 4m1046 central locking module but nothing working from key and no red light at door. Again I know there is an amazing post on recoding keys and disassembling, re-soldering door modules etc but nothing applicable to this situation.

I'd be glad for a couple of hello's and will post my issues in the appropriate forums singly later on.

cheers all, Chris