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Thread: Camshaft problem. 2005 Golf 2.0L FSI.

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    2005 golf 2-00L FSI

    Camshaft problem. 2005 Golf 2.0L FSI.

    Our son and grandson visited us the other day ........... just after he drove away his engine stopped and wouldn`t restart.
    when I went to look at it I noticed a heavy trail of oil on the road, checking his oil I found his sump empty,
    On checking the engine I realised it was spinning to easy and would NOT start. Today I lifted the cam cover. I saw only one cam was turning in response to hitting the starter.
    I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction I should start looking for the problem, maybe a pin or keyway has broken.. That wouldn`t explain why the engine `dumped` the oil.
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