so the golf i was going into limp mode . removed turbo and cleaned out fully after a p0234 code .
i then to it to the local euro mechanics and had vagcom run these wer the results .
p234 bppst pressure regulation control limit exceeded
p234 turbo boost sensor A curcuit high input
p1495 radiater exhaust gas recirculation switch over valve n345
p1440 egr vacumn regulater solenoid valve open circuit
p243 turbo wastegate solenoid A sporadic
p102 mass air flow circuit
p113 intake air temp sensor 1 bank 1
all codes were cleared then test drove , rescanned and p102 mass air flow circuit was was the only fault that has returned .

the mechanics were very busy and could not explain the codes to me at the time .
could this possibly due to bad earth wiring ? or should i start replacing all the sensors ?

any imput from you tdi gurus would be much appreciated .