Hey, just wanted to say hi to the other forumers on here and introduce myself for a little bit.

So humm, I am malibu_vag (I have this name because my car is custom painted to malibu color and I just love it), I am coming from Europe, more exactly Slovenia, which is just a blink away from Germany

I am 19 years old , but that doesn't mean that I am driving dad's car lmao. I have bought my first car 4 months ago (VW Golf mk4 Tdi, year 2000,... *planning to do a build thread soon because it is a pretty special car with a lot of effort put in it, and it's still not looking as I want it to but it will *).

Why I signed up? Some easy question here, well I love everything that runs on gas, I am owning a motocycle which I used to modify, well my passion in last year somehow grow in cars a lot so yea I am more car fan now. I love to see other forumers projects, I love learning things about cars because I am interested in them, so I hope and I believe that I am going to learn myself a lot on this forum and thank you for reading the book I almost wrote for introducing myself haha

Ps: Sorry for any mistakes in my grammar, english is actually not my first language.