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Thread: GTW3476 build Octavia Sleeper (mk6 ea888)

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    audi s3
    little baby jesus

    And even if it makes no difference at all, at least it looks as cool as f...

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    skodaOctavia 2.0tsi

    ^Lol :-) Thanks Luke, Thanks Guile,
    my new shifter is awesome, I love the feel and certainty as it engages on the upshift, bit more tricky on the downshift, just need to spend more time behind the wheel.

    Moving on now to the next phase..
    AWD conversion, I've found a donor Tiguan with some useful parts and working on/researching a standalone Haldex controller solution.
    This Haldex Controller from the Netherlands looks promising:

    Will be sometime before this all happens and I will be sorry to see a lot of the awesome custom 4" exhaust and downpipe having to be redesigned or even it will be possible without reducing the exhaust in size..

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