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Thread: Improving the handling of your Mk7 Gti/R

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    Improving the handling of your Mk7 Gti/R

    Tarmac Engineering is proudly the distributor for these amazing suspension components from our friends at Emmanuele Design.

    Lowering Sports Springs
    First lets start with lowering your Mk7 Gti/R with springs. These springs haven't just been rushed to production, they have been well thought out and are made to work with magride equipped vehicles. Just about all other manufacturers went with a progressive rate spring because that worked well on previous models but on the MQB platform it didn't, the ride is bumpy, harsh and uncomfortable. It for that exact reason we have someone switching to these springs on a weekly basis.

    Full details can be found here -

    Rear Sway bars
    The Gti and R isn't bad from the factory but it certainly has a lot of understeer under heavy cornering and a little bit too much body roll for us driving enthusiasts. These rear sway bars are specifically made to work with the front bars so there is no need to change the front. If you were to change the front the car is most likely to end up with the same issues as factory.

    These rear sway bar reduce body roll massively, i couldn't believe how much better it was especially in the rear. Understeer under heavy cornering is almost non existent. I highly recommend this rear bar if you're going to go around corners fast.

    Full details for Mk7 R are here:

    Full details for Mk7 Gti are here:

    Front and Rear Sway Bar end links

    For those people who may already have another set of sway bars or really want to bullet proof there setup these end links are for you

    Full details for front links can be found here:

    Full details for rear links can be found here:

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

    All items are shipped Australia wide for FREE
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