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Thread: fault in right brake light circuit, controlled by cecm?

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    fault in right brake light circuit, controlled by cecm?

    so i was installing some load resistors last night, hooked it up from the 'rear right side light' to the ground pin and busted both brake bulbs on that side(have performed full brake circle mod)
    removed and replaced bulbs still nothing, only error that comes up is for that rear right brake bulb
    probed it with a multimeter and when it's in the off state it's passing about half the power of the left hand side(0.6v vs 0.3v) then when i turn on the parkers or apply the brakes, nothing

    blinker still works, the rear right side light doesn't throw an error when hooked up to the load resistor
    have changed the bulb holder with a spare and the brake light doesn't work on that one either

    everythings functional on the left hand side

    i believe it's all controlled by the cecm, anyone know where this is? i suspect there's some sort of short to ground somewhere just need to know where to start looking
    may have to jerryrig the left hand side brake light circuit to power the right hand side too until i can figure this out

    nevermind, ended up being a broken wire
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