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Thread: Tips when searching for mechanics and/or workshops in Sydney

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    Tips when searching for mechanics and/or workshops in Sydney

    Dear Sydney and fellow enthusiasts,

    My Golf R Mk7 is coming up on its very first car service from brand new. I'm now searching for specialists around Sydney.

    When the new vehicle warranty expires, my plan is to incrementally add mods; stage 1.5, stage 2, and so on. Hence, I'm looking to build a good relationship with my mechanic, and reward their honesty with my on-going business.

    I've compiled the following high-level checklist based on general advice so far:

    00) Use common sense(?)

    01) Check car forums, and reviews

    02) Check the shop's appearance

    03) Meet the people (mechanics, technicians, etc)

    04) Look for good business or high turnover

    05) Check credentials, qualifications, and affiliations

    06) Ask about warranties and/or insurances

    07) Find out what car parts they use

    08) Find out what tools they use

    09) < ... what else? >

    Who's willing to share their experiences? and provide recommendations?
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    it was useful,thanks

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