Hello Fellow Golf and VW fans. Im happy to be part of the VWgolf.net group. Hoping I can find some great people and some friendly service advice on the forums as well.
I'm an electronics engineer and self taught mechanic - car enthusiast (nut) currently have a Golf R VI two door 6spd man with quite a few options. I've installed Volant CAI (which i love) GFB BOV also a great addition, 3"Turbo back SS Down pipe (Ceramic coated) and 100 CEL Cat. ECU has a Stage two SW update which i uploaded and provided by Tarmac Engineering (Ben has been great with me) - Im happy to discuss items people have interest in and if i can contribute to a forum in some useful way i will.

I love my little Golf beast. Love the way it goes, sounds, looks and drives.
See you on the site.

CLS25T -