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Thread: Check Engine on MKV GTI

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    Check Engine on MKV GTI

    Hi all,

    I am close to purchasing a 2006 GTI with only 74000km on it, however when taking it for a drive, we unfortunately noticed the check engine light had appeared.

    The light only came on about an hour into our drive, where we put the car into sports mode to see what the car can really do (DSG).

    When speaking to the previous owner, he mentioned that he had spent $550 to get a faulty sensor fixed (will need to clarify what this sensor is), and that had fixed the CEL from appearing.

    The car otherwise runs like a dream; no rattles, no lag on take off, very comfortable to drive and a lot of fun. No issues with the DSG either.

    The only other concern I have with the car is that it makes a squeal noise for maybe half a second when turning the key to start the engine. Not sure if this is normal or not.

    If anyone could shed some light on this matter, that would be most appreciated! I'm torn between buying the car or turning it down, in fear that it may create more problems in the future.

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    Hi Isabella. Presuming the price is it! I bought a GTi of the same age and with not much more mileage, and I don`t regret it at all. My CEL came on also after buying mine, but that coming on can mean a few things. In my case it was a broken intercooler connection, causing a loss of vacuum pressure. Because the connection was part of the intercooler structure, it meant a new intercooler. The squealing you mention, is probably just a belt. They are a great car, and very quick! The only thing I could add, is check the engine oil level. It should be above that (add) mark on the dip stick and it`s colour. IE, if it`s black, and it shouldn`t be. Good luck, but you shouldn`t need it. Murray.

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