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Thread: Steering off to the left! Help?!

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    Steering off to the left! Help?!

    Hey guys - my 40th anniversary GTI has developed an annoying issue - steering off to the left - my local VW dealership claims this is normal. This all came about after the car went in to have the turbo charger replaced - prior to this the steering was perfect.

    The wheels have been alligned 3 times with no success - it is consistently off 5 to 8 degress off to the left with no crown on road (flat road). The car however still tracks dead straight with the wheel off to the left.

    It may not seem like much but with such sensitive steering it becomes extremely annoying and seems to wreck the driving experience.

    Please see the picture - how can I get this fixed?!

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    Assuming you mean the steering wheel is rotated anti-clockwise:
    Disconnect battery, unclip airbag, loosen large bolt in the centre, rotate the wheel to where you want it, and put back in the reverse order. You'll probably only be 1-2 notches out.
    Or take it back to where you got it aligned and tell them to do it.

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