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Thread: Ace's S3 8V

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    S3 8V
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    Ace's S3 8V

    Previous Car

    '13 VW Golf GTI
    - Stage 2 Blufin tune
    - K&N typhoon open pod Intake
    - Empire tuning downpipe
    - Viezu catback exhaust
    - Slotted T3 discs all around
    - Remsa brake pads all around
    - Goodrich braided lines front
    - Brakes direct braided lines back
    - Carbon fibre spoiler and side mirror cover
    - Flow Design rear diffuser
    - Aftermarket LED headlights and back
    - Interior white LED all around
    - Kap Industries fire extinguisher bracket
    - Forge BOV adaptor (removed because it sounds s**t)
    - 10mm wheel spacer front 15mm spacer back

    Current Car

    '15 Audi S3 8V

    Picked this car up couple of weeks ago from a local dealer. There wasn't too many on sale in WA so i ended up with the model without the performance pack T_T. Had about 21k kms on the clock hence the price wasn't too bad seeing that it almost lost half of its value in 2 years.

    With saying that the first diagnostics show that the thermostat is failing. So straight into the dealership I went to get the warranty works done. Glad that the car already came with the new revision metal water pump housing so not to worried that will fail anytime soon (touch wood).

    Car is still under warranty for the next 10 months so can't really go "too far" on it.

    Hands are always itching so I have bought these parts so far:
    - Kap Industries fire extinguisher bracket (not fitted)
    - Revo Tecknik turbo muffler delete (Still on its way)
    - JB4 (Still on its way)
    - CTS High Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe (Still on its way)

    All works on my previous car and current car are being done at Eurospec in Balcatta, WA.

    My wishlist:
    - Lowering Springs
    - 15mm wheel spares front
    - 20mm wheel spacers back
    - Intake Set
    - Turbo outlet pipe
    - Throttle pipe
    - Subframe bushing kit
    - Brake braided lines all around
    - Slotted discs & pads to match
    - Many others that will be an 'impulse' buy....

    Will keep the post updated and thanks for letting me share!

    P/s: Its my first time posting here if it is against any rules please let me know!
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