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Thread: Catback for Jetta 2.0 FSI

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    Catback for Jetta 2.0 FSI


    I've been looking at finally getting a catback exhaust for my Jetta, and was wondering whether anyone had any recommendations (besides APR the price makes it prohibitive) but I was looking at a second hand one off a Golf GTI and I was wondering how much of a mod job would be required to get that on to my jetta? Currently rocking an SPM downpipe, with a tune from DNA Tuning.

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    Not sure if you're still after information but I can share my experience with the Milltek catback which I have on my Jetta.

    Car is running a CTS K04 turbo and has an aftermarket downpipe with a milltek cat back exhaust. I had the non resonated Milltek at first and that sounded great on WOT but for daily driving and cruising on the highway there was too much drone for me. I then had their resonated version fitted which was too I modified the non resonated exhaust and added a smaller hotdog, the noise level is now perfect for me. I get the cracks on WOT and daily driving isn't overly too loud.

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