So after 7 years and 112,000km my struts are a little worse for wear. I could just replace with factory or get some Sachs or Boge from Ebay in the UK but looking at Demon Tweeks I can get either the Koni Sport kit with H&R springs and Koni Yellow adjustable dampers or Bilstein B14 PSS kit for not a whole lot more than just replacing the shocks. Any thoughts on either of these set ups. I intend keeping the car for a few years more which is how I justify the investment in either the Konis or Bilsteins. It's my daily for getting to the train station and then used as the family car on the weekends. It's also done trips to Melbourne and Gold Coast so needs to be reasonable on a longer run fully loaded. Only track time has been at WSID but I don't mind a quick run through Bobbin Head or the Old Pac Highway when I get a chance.