Just purchased a used MK6 1.4L TDI DSG and am thrilled with it. It's a real step up from my MK5. My last golf was written off, zero blame.

The test drive went well but discovered driving home a slight shudder when taking off. My VW mechanic told me this is a common and well documented fault, and might be covered by VW Australia
After a thorough VW inspection, a report was sent to VW Sydney who agreed to fix it under their good will scheme. It now drives perfectly.

The real reason I'm writing is to get advice on repairing a gouge in the plastic rear bumper.

It's about 25mm long and one mm deep thru to the black plastic underneath. The sides of the gouge are raised about half a mm.

I've ordered some touch up paint and would like an outline on repairing. What thinners is likely to be the appropriate one, I have an air brush.