Hey All,

So long story short after having some issues with my MK6R and my mechanic has hopefully diagnosed it to to a faulty injector in Cylinder 1.

The reason i say hopefully is for some strange reason my ECU is NOT logging any errors.

I bought the car with a Stage 2+ GIAC Tune and in the first 3-4 months of ownership it started going into reduced power mode with ECS (if i recall correctly) being displayed o the dash and the small cruise control icon showing in the MDF display indicating to take it to a dealer/mechanic. Car was diagnosed with a faulty intake sensor and was replaced and fixed.

Now with the issues I've been having the car has been fouling a plug on Cylinder 1, however no errors are being indicated on the dash and the dealer is advising that no error codes are being thrown in the ECU even though the car is running on 3 cylinders.

Im just wondering why the ECU would now not be showing any errors or even throwing anything up on the dash when there is something wrong.

Does anyone have any idea on how or why this would be the case?

Thanks in advance.