Hi Guys,

Been a while since I have been on but hoping for some smart minds to help diagnose a problem I have been having with golf Mk5 Pirelli. For the last few months on colder mornings the car has been struggling to start. It can take anywhere between 5 to 10 attempts to start unless you sit on the gas for a while to keep the rev's higher. VCDS isnt spitting out any engine error codes and I am unsure if there is much more I can do before it needs to go the mechanic again.

Once the engine has been warmed up you can comfortably turn off and then start the engine again first time smoothly. An aside as well is that the engine fans have been coming on very loudly after the engine turns off for about 3-5minutes. I know lots of people would say this is normal however this is new for this car and until a few months ago it would not have done this. My feeling is they are both connected and wondering if it is a coolant sensor/cold start valve or something of that nature.

Any assistance or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a video of the rough starts too for reference.