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Thread: Stage 1 Options on Golf 7.5 R

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    Stage 1 Options on Golf 7.5 R

    Hi all,

    Looking at getting a cheeky Stage 1 tune on my new MK7.5 R within the next week and I was wondering who people are recommending for this?

    I use to run APR on my last Golf R and it was always pretty impressive! But I've herd a few negative things about MK7 R's running APR.

    Im looking heavily into Harding Performance's options for the vehicle as Ive herd good things about Guy and his team of recent. Has anyone here run Harding's Stage 1 tune? I'm slightly concerned regarding the warranty but the MK7 R's since early ones, have proved pretty strong!

    Any advice would be very much welcome!

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    I've run both APR and OEM+ (guy harding's) stage 2 on Mk7R and the OEM+ was better than the original APR tune with better boost control and felt stronger top end. The APR has since updated tunes couple of times and fixed boost surging and now I run that as I prefer the more responsive/faster torque in low end that it has.

    I run Guy Hardings DSG software and it's been perfect since day 1 and I've had it 3 years. Can't say that for numerous reviews I've read of the APR DSG tune. APR did have significantly higher numbers on stage 1 tune than OEM+ on mk7 but I remember seeing the 7.5R tune has increased torque and HP to basically match APR stage 1 numbers.

    I'd say If you're local to Harding Performance then I'd choose that path as local support and customer service right up there in importance when choosing tune.

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