My car (2010 Mk6 R) started slurring changes and acting like it had a high stall converter when moving off from stand still. I also noticed that my coolant level had dropped and when I pulled the cap to top up it was oily. Here is what the carnage looked like:



My dad is a retired mechanic so I was able to use the gear at his house to work on the car (he even has a hoist in his shed). We also made a plate that bolts on where the cooler normally sits to allow us to pump the old fluid out (run the engine with the box in park) and pump fresh fluid in using an electric pump.


I forgot to get a pic of the plate but will add one later.

When we were finished the oil in the box looked like this:

Nice and clean

That was the easy part. The cooling system on our cars sucks the big one. You can't just remove the thermostat and flush the cooling system like you would on a normal car so it's been a few rounds of get the car up to temp and then dump whatever we can. Once we're happy that the system is clean I will replace the thermostat and refill the system with water and coolant as I'm just running water at the moment.