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Thread: MkV Gti Missing all of a sudden :/ Brisbane

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    MkV Gti Missing all of a sudden :/ Brisbane

    Hey awesome golfers, looking for help :/

    Mk5 Golf GTi (located in belmont, QLD)
    150thou ks, has been missing/spluttering to the point of the engine light coming on and flashing.Then disappearing and it runs ok for another kilometre or 2. Then starts all over again.
    Literally just drove it back from it's service at Prestige and Performance and it didn't miss once for them. They didn't find any issues in their scan. So it has been scanned and all that jazz.

    It started just randomly about 4 days ago.

    Cars is completely stock.

    Any advice?


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    hmm, could be anything mate I guess but my crystal ball says its fuel related for some reason. in tank pump filter clogged, fuel filter clogged. all the none electrical stuff that might not throw a code. good luck...

    PS glad to read you still have your car, I thought this was a car stolen thread. missing gti...

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