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Thread: APR don't have a tune for my ECU?

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    APR don't have a tune for my ECU?

    Hey all,

    So I've been working at rectifying numerous issues with my MKV and one of them is the garbage tune I got from my previous mechanic.
    I've taken my car to BWA who had a look at putting an APR tune on it and they've stated that there isn't an APR tune available for my ECU - As they're an APR shop I figured they wouldn't know much about alternatives so I left it at that.

    Now does anyone know what sort of tune I can get if a larger provider like APR doesn't have one for my ECU?
    I would have thought all MKV ECUs were very similar though so the fact that one is unsupported is a tad odd.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Go with a custom such as Etuners, Rd Technicks (bro), Parso (what ever his tunes are called) so on...

    There are heap of options out there now thank god!
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