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Thread: Golf R Headlights Dead

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    Golf R Headlights Dead

    Hi friends,

    Had my MK7 R since 2014 (was one of the first ones off the boat into AUS so has been struggling on for a while now).

    I have had my fair share of AFS warning (just being cornering bulbs) over the years and they are simple and cheap to replace.

    The other day however, I noticed that the left side of my car has changed from the normal bright white headlight colour to a pale pink colour. This is the low beam xenon bulb on the outside, see pic for clarification (

    So my questions relating to this issue are;

    1) Is it normal for these bulbs to lose power and change colour? I was under the impression the bulb would simply give up and die altogether rather than slowly fade
    2) Does anyone know the stock bulbs VW put in? I believe they are the D3S bulbs but the car manual doesn't give many hints as to the specs, just tells me to take it to VW
    3) If I do decide to fix myself, is it actually possible? I have seen a few guides out there but looks like you have to remove a fair bit from the car... looking like it may stretch beyond my capabilities given I am an accountant and not a mechanic
    4) If I give up and take it to the dealership to have it changed how much am I looking at? Given these bulbs are anywhere between $150-$200 online I am imagining a huge mark up on this + labour
    5) I purchased the extended warranty for my car (additional 2 years) so I am still in the range. Normally I wouldn't expect a warranty to cover trivial things such as bulbs but given point 4 above I am thinking this could be a $600 job if I take it in... wondering if that counts for anything.

    Thanks in advance for your help guys.

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    Yes, it's normal for Xenon bulks to turn pink when they are failing. Looks cool but it means your bulb will die soon.

    I'm not sure how accessible the MK7 Golf R is, but my MK6 required me to take off the front bumper and take the headlights out to change the bulbs.

    You can see why it's such an involved process here:

    In reality, taking off the bumper is the most complicated part, and that's not even that hard. Take off bumper, take off headlights, replace bulbs, reverse the process.

    Won't be covered by Warranty being a wear and tear item that isn't experiencing malfunction (just end of life). Probably much cheaper to take it to an independent (Exoticars, Hills Eurohaus, Volksmuller etc.).

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