Got my 2015 Mk7 GTI serviced yesterday and was told there'd been a software update applied 46G7 to fix an Auto Hold issue (woohoo, new sticker in doorwell)

I Googled around and found a bit more info, apparently only applies to manual 2wd veedubs

" .... update is for 2wd manual models. It is to resolve issues with the parking brake/auto hold not disengaging on occasion and to address an occasional issue where the parking brake does not engage upon turning the car off."

Anyway, thought I'd mention it in case anybody else, like me, had encountered the occasional auto-hold issue.

In my case on a few occasions I've been diagonally parked on an incline and had the auto-hold disengage too soon so car rolls forward so if you're not quick enough on the clutch/throttle you could damage your front spoiler against the curb so hope this cures that.