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Thread: 2013 VW Golf 110 TDI experiencing intermittent noise from right hand side help

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    2013 VW Golf 110 TDI experiencing intermittent noise from right hand side help

    Hi Guys,

    My partner has a 2013 MK 7.5 Golf TDI that has this random noise coming from the right hand drivers side at the front.

    We've tried to isolate if it's when turning or going straight but the issue seems to appear randomly and we can't recreate the parameters to make it happen on demand.

    When turning sometimes it happens but when she's driving straight it also occurs, my mechanic is gobsmacked and suggested that we take it to Volkswagen Australia for diagnostics.

    I've attached the sound in case anyone might have some suggestions to as what it could be? Maybe a wheel bearing or a CV joint ?

    Would rather explore all options from the suggestions here before forking out $150 an hour for a technician to try and isolate the problem.

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    What happens when you press the brake lightly when it happens. Wondering if it is brake caliper shimmer. Could also be a bearing. How many K's has the car done?
    Might be worth jacking that corner up and checking the free wheeling of that wheel, also check there is no movement when pulling and pushing with both hands on tyre.

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