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Thread: Purchasing advice Golf MK8

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    Purchasing advice Golf MK8

    Hi all,

    I previously owned a MK6 golf in manual and I'm currently looking at the current 2019 Golf in auto. Does anyone know if these use the same transmission as the previous generation? Any opinions or comments on how well these transmissions run, any annoying habits or issues? I test drove one for the first time yesterday but it unfortunately wasn't long enough to get a good feel for it. I was a bit underwhelmed by what felt like very sluggish acceleration from stopped, followed by clunky shifting from the first to second gear. Shifting through the other gears was better. I have heard a lot about how smooth and efficient these gearboxes are but that didn't seem to be my experience, thoughts? Only the trendline is available in manual in the current golf, and I'd like to get the DSG auto so that my partner can comfortably drive it when necessary.

    Thanks in advance!

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