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Thread: 7.5 R Special Edition - Clicking noises from fron the fron wheels

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    7.5 R Special Edition - Clicking noises from fron the fron wheels

    Picked up the 7.5R Special Edition in Jan, and then had the stage 1 done and lowered with the Eibach pro springs and 26mm rear sway bar fitted in less than 500kms on the clock.

    Recently I have noticed there are constant clicking noises coming fron the front wheels while I am driving with the windows down. It especially noticable when driving next to parked cars, walls or barriers which echos the sound back. I start hearing the noises above 40km/h. Firstly, I though it would be something stuck in the tyres but I couldn't find anything. Then I found out the noise is gone while I pushing the brakes. I not sure thats because the special edition is fitted with the cross-drilled discs.

    Sent back to the mechanic who fitted the springs and the dealer, both could not solve the problem. The funniest thing is the dealer was saying the clicking noises is coming from the DSG and found this to be a characteristic of the DSG.

    I am pretty sure it's not the DSG making the clicking noises. Has anyone had the same problem? Does it have anything to do with the lowering? I am not 100% sure the noise was there before lowering the car. My friend had the 7.5 without the cross-drilled discs and exact same setups as mine and after I told him the nosie, he started to notice it too lol.

    Any one can help?

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    It’s the brake pads passing the grooves in the discs, I had the same issue with a set up that had AP Racing discs with j hook grooves. Nothing to get worried about. But annoying

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