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Thread: MKV Clutch & Mechatronic Replacement

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    MKV Clutch & Mechatronic Replacement

    Hi Everyone

    So over the past few years Ive noticed the gearbox shudders/jolts from time to time when changing keys. It has been getting worse, so I've had it diagnosed at VW. Note that Ive raised this with them several times over the past few years and only now did their computer pick up what the issue is.

    The clutch and mechatronic needs to be replaced. This will set me back about $5500 through VW.

    I am in a bit of a pickle, as I've been told trading this in I will get nothing as they will know what the issue is. And I cant sell it privately the way it is as I know the prospective buyer will wonder whats going on with the gearbox. My gamble is to maybe fix it and try sell it privately for 8-9k if possible

    My question is, are there any cheaper alternatives to replacing the Clutch and Mechatronics through VW? Is it easy enough to find these parts from a wreckers and get a mechanic to install/VW to program, or should I just got ahead with the $5500 repair with VW. Any mechanic out there (I live in Brisbane) that may be able to help with this?

    Thanks, and happy to hear any suggestions



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    Hi there,

    As always it all depends on your skill level. If you know what you are doing, it is quite possible to get a good second hand DSG (which has the mechatronic and clutch in it) for $600 to $950. There a videos on gearbox removals all over Youtube and you will need tools obviously.

    Bit cheaper than $5500...

    Also the other option is to sell it as is. I mean if you are looking at $5500 with only a $3500 pay back MAX then just sell it for $3500 as is.

    Best regards,

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