So in the last few weeks Iíve gone from not looking at cars to finding a 2010 mk6 gti with 86,000kms.

So far Iíve installed the sequential R styled tails lights from supernova lighting as well as the sequential mirror indicators. Supernova are releasing a mk7.5gti styled headlights with LED globes for the mk6 late August which Iíll install when they arrive.

There are a few cosmetic marks and scraps over the body as well as some gutter rash on the alloys but Iíll get them all sorted in time.

Itís such a fun car to drive with my 2yr old daughter constantly telling me to drive faster, drive faster.

At this stage Iím undecided if Iíll do any engine mods as I donít know a whole lot about cars but If I was to do so, id keep it fairly tame with a ecu tune and catback to make it sound a little better.

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