Hi, I've got a weird problem that I'm not sure on where I should start trying to diagnose it.

My indicator is bring affected by the use of the brake pedal.

*With the brake not being used, the indicator works fine. Once the brake pedal is engaged, the indicator speeds up, and then at some point once the car is warmed up, or the brakes are warmed up, the indicator stops working all together.

*To reiterate, if I'm waiting at a set of lights with the indicators on, once I push the brake pedal they stop. If I release brake pedal, the start working again.

*When I turn the car off, and engage the brake pedal, the car buzzes just the same as if I've left the indicators on.

All really weird but I'm not sure if it's the indicator stick at fault, maybe something to do with a brake sensor, or the indicator lights.

Hope someone has had a similar issue and knows an answer or can offer some insight.



1998 Mk3 Golf VR6.