We firmly believe that show and shines like Hot Import Nights encapsulates the best of Australiaís scene. From muscle to import, track drift or drags, pure street wowser or time beater, there are so many styles of modifications on show. So lets check out Decembers addition of Cars of Bendix!

Precision Racing Lamborghini Huracan Performante

We might have seen turbocharged and modified exotics wearing American license plates, so when we encounter a genuine Australian workshop product in person, itís stupefying. Precision Racingís Lamborghini Hurancan Performante sets the local benchmark in pushing the limits with twin Garrett turbochargers with billet compressor wheels mounted right where the rear bumper used to be. The exhaust system is fabricated from aircraft-spec titanium, but all coated in black ceramic to reduce temps. A custom air/water intercooler chills the intake charge, made by Plazmaman and PWR. A Motec PDM15 directs all the explosions within the V10 to make over 900hp, with up to 1600hp available for those who dare to take the next step. Even the DCT drivetrain has been beefed up to handle the power, with billet inner and outer cage to handle all that turbocharged bull rage.

Crazy Dog Rotorsports Mazda RX-7

So you like drifting, and you like drifting enough to actually go out and build a competition-spec car for it. Cliff has done exactly that; a super reliable RX-7 that wonít look out of place at Formula D or D1GP. He took a 1992 Series 6, and beefed every component in it with the intention of going sideways as fast and as many times as possible. Fast is no good if you donít look good, so the exterior received a full BN Sports BLS kit, totalling 9 pieces. It sports 130mm wide over fenders, a front splitter with side step diffusers, along with a swan neck GT wing for show, and a ducktail for competition. Inside a REVS Performance Rotary spec engine pumps out 600hp to the wheels, thanks to a Borgwarner EFR 9280 with supporting modifications. That power goes to the rear thanks to a 6 speed sequential dog box and a Cusco Type MZ 2 way mechanical LSD. Up front Cliff achieves maximum angle thanks to a Wisefab extra lock kit, and all four corners are suspended by DG/Wisteria Kick Blue coilovers and custom Swift springs.

Benís Subaru Impreza WRX STi

A rally inspired WRX STi? Benís WRX goes way beyond inspired; it literally wears it. The Prodrive WRC S7 kit adorned Subaruís own rally car in 2002 World Rally Championship, and watching it as a boy was Ben. Now his own WRX wears the same kit, wearing a special Prowraps and Graphics specially designed vinyl wrap. The wider fenders, skirts, rear wing and bumpers are all fibreglass items from Prodrive themselves. It even has the same side mirrors and headlights as the OG rally car. The front lip is a custom item made by Auto Elements, based off a Tamiya model of the actual S7 rally car. Oh, and it goes as hard as it looks too. A rebuilt 2.5l EJ257 block with forged Cosworth internals is mated to a high flow EJ207 heads threatens with 350kW, thanks to a Blouch 1.5XTR turbocharger. The WRX dances around corners thanks to a set of MCA Reds, tuned for a Tarmac rally setup. Superpro control arms and offset bushings helped the turned the WRXís handling to something similar to a giant RC car, happy to grip around corners or all-wheel drive when needed. OZ Racing Asfaltos in 18x8 complete the full rally look; the wheels are only available via motorsports teams, not anywhere else. Ben plans to take it roll racing, track days, and even some charity events for kids.

Jakeís Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

It doesnít have a crazy wing, and the smell of E85 in the air is the only way you could tell this is no simple Evolution IX. Jakeís clean and simple build on the surface cloaks a genuine 10 second car. The custom wide body re-uses the front bumper but with subtle cutaway front fenders and blended in rear fenders. Varis side skirts and rear diffuser complete the look before a Porsche Riveria Blue paint job was overlaid on top. Even the TE37SL stickers on the Rays wheels were remade to colour match the car. Little details like the custom vents in the stock bonnet and carbon fibre Ganador mirrors add to its presence. Thanks to the baby blue shade, Jakeís baby is affectionately called the Smurf, but underneath the bonnet lives a 415kW monster. Sucking air through a EFR7670, the forged 2L 4G63 does a 10.6 seconds down the quarter mile, with a full interior and just 285 wide semi slicks.

Chookís Rocket Bunny Nissan 350Z

Chook returns third year running with his Rocket Bunnyíd 350Z. Just as we thought weíve seen every iteration of it, he still surprises us with its latest version, one that looked ready to dominate the streets. Gone was the House of Kolorís Brandywine paint, and instead a more mature, subtle shade of brown was overlaid. Itís also now stripped of its stickers, leaving an immaculate surface to admire the paintwork. Slammed on the ground thanks to air suspension, it makes the 19in Rotiform USFs look more humongous than usual. And itís not a car with all bark and no bite either. Hidden under its rear bumper is a pair of turbochargers. We assume itís there for stealth, and simply because thereís no room in the cramped 350Z engine bay.

Concept Garage Mercedes C63 AMG

Itís the winner of last yearís Best Mercedes award, and we can see why it beat out others. Those fat wheel arches are only part of the equation, as Concept Garage married both subtlety and aggression in an unholy union. The AMG C63 coupe has no lack of power from the factory, but with a massive Whipple supercharger mounted on top of its V8, it threatens to shred the rear tyres anytime the throttle is breathed on. The widebody arches are entirely filled with Strasse Wheelsí SM7 Deep Concave, with a carbon fibre finish. The brakes have been repainted in searing hi-vis green, and the green theme follows inside too. The AMG buckets have been restitched in the same green colour, as well as any stitching that could have been replaced. A similar hued roll cage replaces the rear seats, citing its serious track intent. Out the back, a swan neck GT wing has been fitted, finished in that familiar glossy carbon fibre.

Fransí Honda Integra DC2

A project six years in the making and assembled mostly from home, Fransí Honda Integra DC2 is a labour of love, and a testimony to his Southern California inspired style. The JDM front end is much sleeker than our Australian versions, and from there he fitted a Mugen bumper and side skirts. The Js Racing lightweight and vented bonnet adds to the front aggression. Rays TE37SL wheels finished in Magnesium Blue was a great touch to match the custom blue paint on the car. Hiding behind those TE37s on the front were twinblock calipers, a nod to the track work this car sees. The Ganador mirrors are rare as, as well as the fully functional Js Racing wing perched at the rear. Inside, Spoon bucket seats sit on either side of a massive Hybrid Racing adjustable short shifter, while a blue Cusco roll cage sits in the rear. The Hybrid Racing shifter hints at the JDM K20A engine sitting under the bonnet, kicking out a 167kW thanks to aftermarket headers, intake and aggressive tuning. The entire build was good enough to take home HIN 2019 Hottest Honda award.

Benís Toyota Chaser JZX100

Winning Hottest Stance at a show like Hot Import Nights take something special. Benjaminís wide, slammed Chaser is just that. Getting those massive Work Meisters S1 to fit was no easy task, but Ben didnít want to rivet on some flares and called it a day. He cut and welded day and night to massage those front and rear arches to fit those mega 18x10.5 wheels, so itíd look stock from a glance. The car was then repainted gloss black to stay under the radar, but with that amount of low using only coilovers, itís rather hard. Yes, thatís right, itís static; none of this airbag nonsense. Ben also regularly takes the beast out to drift days, and even does cruises at this height. We applaud Benís bravery and commitment to the low lifestyle, we truly do.

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